Monday, 18 March 2013

Workshop review

Stephen, Ray and I met on Friday 15 March to discuss and review the last workshop. We all felt it went well, but there were a number of improvements that we wanted to make. These are summarised below and will be implemented before the next workshop in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on April 16

Advertising blurb and promotion
It was agreed to retain the simple non technical language for the advertising and promotion of the next workshop. We will continue to aim the workshop at new EA practitioners and those involved with solving problems in their institution, despite being aware that the full benefits of using EA will only be realised when its use in integrated in a range of roles from senior management to technical etc.

Welcome and introductions
It was agreed that this went well, especially the individual sharing of workshop expectations and experiences of using EA to date. However, if there is a larger group next time, this might need to be shortened.

Introduction to EA
It was agreed that this went well. Suggested that the ‘views’ slide be adapted to include more detail and connect with the actual roles of those present at workshop

Activity 1 – PEL jigsaw
It was agreed that this activity worked well as an introduction to the concepts of EA. However,  some changes to be made:
·         Cards to be reduced to just those required for the basic PEL process
·         PEL process to be given on handout per group
Introduction to Archi
It was agreed that this went very well despite the last minute change to a virtual presentation! Some changes suggested:
·         Examples on PPT to match PEL process
·         Core language slide to be simplified to highlight relevant items
·         Handout to be produced of core language
·         Business layer slide to be simplified to highlight relevant items
·         Archi relationships slides to be simplified and to reflect those used in PEL process
·         Detail of items to be simplified to highlight relevant items
·         Archimate language to include discussion of ‘newer’ items that are relevant to PEL process e.g. driver/motivation etc
·         Layers slide to be simplified to highlight relevant items
·         Using Archi to use screen shot/Archi of (partial) PEL process and guidance to tools/parts of screen/basic functions etc

Activity 2
It was agreed that participants were easily able to create the PEL process on Archi. Changes:
·         Shorten the time for this task
·         Partial PEL process set up with suitable views as Archi file to be distributed on USB (or installed on PC’s in training room prior to session)
·         Copy of screen shot of partial PEL in Archi as handout
·         Facilitators to ensure all participants able to complete this task
Activity 3
Some participants did move onto this task, but not all. Suggested changes:
·         Introduce task with discussion of what PEL process in Archi can tell us (i.e. evidence of weak process)
·         Set task of adding new parts of process to Archi (e.g. record keeping and appeals)
·         Facilitators to ensure all participants able to complete this task
Case study
It was agreed that this went well. Suggested changes:
·         Create handouts for ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ slides
·         Simplify ‘manual change’ and ‘server down’ slides
It was agreed that the action planning and plenary went well, although might need to be summarised if many more participants at next session.

Monday, 4 March 2013

EA Workshop Wolverhampton 28 Feb 2013

This was our first full workshop and we are pleased to say that it went well!

There was a late change to the programme as Dumebi was asked to deliver some training in Canada a few days before the session, so she delivered her part of the session via web-conference.

The majority of participants were new to enterprise architecture and, in the final round-up, all felt confident that they understood the process and how to use Archi software sufficiently well.

We are due to meet with Stephen in two weeks to review and reflect on the workshop to make any changes ready for the next workshop in April